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About IndiCater

IndiCater is a vibrant and dynamic company set up with one key objective – to provide hospitality professionals with a range of outstanding and affordable software tools to help manage businesses effectively and control costs.

Established in 2000, there are now over 2500 outlets from across the hospitality industry using IndiCater’s software, ranging from a 2 Michelin star restaurant to pubs, from sports stadia to conference centres, and from hotels to staff restaurants. Our clients range in size from a single school to groups of 200+ outlets.

IndiCater offers a fantastic return on investment, paying for itself within the first year of use

Ian Joyner, Head of Facilities, St Monica Trust

We have grown five fold since our first year of trading, building our business through reputation.

Created by experienced hospitality professionals Mike Day and Lou Willcock, IndiCater initially focused on the contract-catering arena and now is the back office system of choice for 45% of the top 20 indipendent contract caterers. Organic growth has resulted in the company now successfully introducing IndiCater across the hospitality industry.

Over 30+ modules and tools help users manage their Sales Income, Staff Rotas, Absence Management, Payroll, Stocktaking, Recipes, Sales Invoices, Customer Databases, Outlet Bookwork, eProcurement, Electronic Supplier Invoices, Customer Surveys, Marketing and much more besides.

All of IndiCater's modules and tools are very simple to use and a system can be up and running in a short space of time, often in a matter of weeks.

Our applications are annually recording over £65M of purchase transactions, managing more than 6000 staff records, and helping companies to communicate, receive and deliver site management information. As a result, we believe we have the experience and credentials that a client is looking for in choosing a technology partner with gravitas.

We pride ourselves in offering a cost effective and transparent pricing structure which is based on a monthly licence fee per module for each outlet or location using the system. This gives our clients the flexibility to add new modules when needed with licence costs relating directly to the size of a business.

Our clients’ data security means everything to us and is second to none.

IndiCater is not a company to stand still and we are continually developing new modules and tools to help address the ever changing needs of the hospitality industry.

Curious about the Cherry?

We are frequently being asked why we have Cherry in our brand. The founding directors of IndiCater previously had a successful contract catering company called Customised. A Cherry replaced the dot over the ‘i’ and the directors have done the same with IndiCater. Call it sentimental but we rather like it!