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Hospitality Manager

The Hospitality Manager module provides a complete online system for those
managing deliveries of food and beverages to single or multiple locations.

Clients using this module will typically manage a serviced office, a conference centre,
an outside catering company, or work within a facility that has significant meeting and
conference room space. The module provides an online platform for customers to
place an order, and includes all of the online processes for a hospitality team to
manage that order. This is a secure/password protected system, offering added peace
of mind.

Key module features include:


Multiple customer authorisation levels


Approve or reject orders with optional reasons


Kitchen production reports and delivery notes


Automatic electronic invoicing, synchronising with Indicater's Finance and Profit Manager module.


Charge to cost centres and/or pay by credit card


Customer order status view


Optional pre-set delivery times

The Hospitality Manager module protects the bottom line. It ensures everything
ordered is invoiced, that customers can trade up when made aware of special
promotions, and that menus and tariffs are changed in line with prices and

As a web based system, Hospitality Manager can be accessed remotely 24/7. Licensed on a monthly basis, Hospitality Manager can be linked to other IndiCater modules and applications at any time.

IndiCater Top Tip!

Our hospitality systems can help drive customer sales and increase revenues, promoting special offers and high gross profit items within the online purchase selection area.