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CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

An inexpensive customer data management system rolled up with an online marketing tool and event enquiry process. The IndiCater CRM will help you keep comprehensive records of prospects, customers and enquiries and enable you to send e-bulletins to selected target groups.

Data can be imported from an existing software system such as Excel and there is no limit to the number of records stored. IndiCater CRM includes:

  • Easy to use contacts database to manage customer and prospects data
  • Multiple data capture fields
  • Comprehensive search tool
  • Report Wizard with multiple selection criteria
  • Separate function/event enquiry process and current status summary
  • Tool to set up multiple group types
  • Log of calls, letters, emails and other contact points
  • Facility to tag customers and sales prospects to invite to events
  • Facility to attach files (letters/mailers etc.) to specific contacts
  • Data can be imported or exported from existing databases
  • Online e-bulletin reports tool to track distribution success

Resolve the challenges of multiple record keeping and updating with this web based system. All customer and sales prospects are stored in one place and can be accessed and updated by multiple users frm anywhere 24/7.

This is a scalable system, used with equal ease by single sites and multiple location operators. All users enjoy the same benefits and there is the option to tailor the systems features and processes to wrap around the way that you work.

IndiCater CRM is licensed on a monthly basis and can be linked to other IndiCater modules and applications at any time.