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The Communications module is a secure client intranet. It is tailored and branded to provide a central hub for all internal cross company communications and document sharing. Using an array of available tools it can even eliminate the need for internal emails.

The Communications module revolutionises the way in which clients manage and monitor their business. Important information is consistently shared with responses audited and analysed in real time. Documents are efficiently stored, shared and updated centrally.

The module reduces communication costs, improves cross company morale and limits the potential for legal action arising from a host of poor interactions.

The key module features include:

Contact Directories: Create contact records for group and local suppliers,
employees, group personnel, and key bodies

Document Libraries: Central library facility with UNLIMITED capacity to store
policies/procedures/manuals, marketing materials, and all forms of literature

Live Feeds: Post up company news, urgent alerts, internal vacancies, new
document additions, and track who has read which posting

Tools: Company asset register, budget forecasting tool, site monitoring tool,
recording expenses, movements diary and messaging tools

Dashboard: Presenting LIVE Key Perfomance operating data. The dashboard can
be tailored for each user and automatically picks up your data from within IndiCater or any other 3rd party application. The dashboard can show a comprehensive range of KPI's including stock holding costs, cash in hand, staff turnover etc.

As a web based system, organisations with multiple sites or departments using the Communications module can both view and work in the application remotely 24/7.

The Communications module is licensed on a monthly basis and can be linked to other IndiCater modules and applications at any time.

IndiCater Top Tip!

This module is the perfect diligence tool for ensuring that ALL staff have received ALL communications. Every communication can be tracked to monitor who has, and who has not opened a message on the system.