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In Development...

Recent developments include:

  • Enhancements to our epos integration with Centegra
  • New epos integration with Quadrant
  • BVA Report enhancements for Client Invoicing for Contract Caterers module
  • Room booking tool as part of the current Hospitality Ordering module
  • Enhancements to Budget upload tool
  • New layout for Recipe Card

Current projects in development or in beta testing:

  • Supplier purchasing volumes dashboard
  • New epos integration with Kappture
  • Enhancements to Theoretical Gross Profit & Stock Loss Reports
  • Supplier self-service tool to convert customer booked off orders to EDI invoices
  • Enhancements to Finance dashboard
  • Import of further allergen data (in addition to the 14 required by FSA) for recipe costing tool
  • Supplier product request and authorization process and dashboards