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Performance Tracker

How do you track and measure standards within your operation?
Do you feel ready for an EHO inspection; are your team all wearing the correct uniform; are portions sizes meeting the company standard?

IndiCater’s Performance Tracker enables you to comprehensively track and measure standards in EVERY aspect of your operation. Using a series of templates you can create your own performance check lists by area, set scoring parameters, and even compare results against any previous audits. If you run multiple sites, you can benchmark results across the group.

Typical Uses
The Performance Tracker is perfect for Health & Safety Audits; Cleaning Audits; Process Audits; and the auditing of ANY routine tasks that require checking and measuring against a company standard.

How Does it Work?
Using an online template, simply set up the master areas to be audited such as Kitchen, Staff, and Purchasing. Next create your own audit questions and define the total Pass criteria. Finally, carry out an audit using Yes and No check boxes, and include any reasons for failures, setting target dates for improvements. There is no limit to the number of times an operation can be audited.

What do the results look like?
Results are created in real time as soon as an audit is completed. A percentage score is given to each area audited, as well as an overall total score. All scores are compared to any previous results and can additionally be compared across multiple sites if more than one operation has been audited.

Items identified as needing attention can be separately listed in a report which includes target dates for improvements.

Moving Forward
Meet the challenges of auditing and tracking performance in a systematic and structured manner using this web based system. All data is stored in one place and can be accessed and updated by multiple users from anywhere 24/7. This is a scalable system, used with equal ease by single sites and multiple location operators.

IndiCater’s Performance Tracker tool is licensed on a monthly basis and is just one of our SaaS hospitality solutions that can be implemented individually or collectively.

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