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StORM (Stock :: Ordering :: Recipes :: Menus)

Covering stock taking, ordering and menus, this module helps you take complete control of your stock and menu processes. From creating recipes through to detailed stock take and supplier ordering, this is the definitive tool for controlling, specifying and managing food and beverage costs.

StORM replaces multiple labour intensive paper based systems such as manually created stock sheets, off the cuff supplier orders, and inaccurately costed recipes. The module links together each step of the food and beverage journey, from order to plate, resulting in a dramatic impact on the bottom line. Offering exceptional flexibility, this module can be activated in bite size stages, with additional features turned on at any time.

Designed around the 'Pay As You Go' principal, you select the key features that you would like activated:

Recipes: Create detailed recipe templates complete with production methods, images, recipe costs, gross profit calculations, nutritional and allergen data
Stock: Create detailed stock sheets, track/transfer goods, update stock sheets from live supplier catalogues, stock loss identification, and receive supplier price change alerts—all from your existing suppliers
Wastage: Detailed waste management by product and by recipe
Supplier Ordering: Order online from all your existing suppliers and receive electronic invoices (EDI) from them.
Menus: Create daily, weekly and cyclical menus
Remote Data Input: Using iPads and other PDA’s

As with all IndiCater modules, companies with multiple sites using StORM can both view and work with the data remotely, 24/7, providing a comprehensive range of consolidated and site specific reports, including transfers. Data can be imported from any EPoS system and exported to any accounting application.

The StORM module is licensed on a monthly basis and can be linked to other IndiCater modules and applications at any time.

IndiCater Top Tip!

The automatic checking of live recipe costings can make the difference between a dish making the right profit or indeed a loss. Add to theStORM module our Cost Price Index Widget and you have a comprehensive micro and macro view of food and beverage costs.