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The IndiCater Training Academy

In 2008 we set up the IndiCater Training Academy (ITA) as the centre of excellence for all of our training programs.

Everyone who undertakes training from IndiCater must pass and receive a certificate of competence from the ITA. All training is followed up with a questionnaire in order for us to benchmark how we are doing and where we can improve.

Typically, initial training is included in the nominal set up fee for a Module. This will be sufficient for getting a user up and running, and using the Module with confidence.

For any future training needs, such as for new starters, refresher training, system upgrades, new features, etc, the ITA operate from a training tariff rate card – with training credits purchased in bulk in advance.

To offer as much flexibility as we can, training can be delivered at the ITA offices in Henley- on-Thames; at a clients chosen location; or online.