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IndiCater e-Procurement (P2P)

There are a number of processes that form part of our e-Procurement module and these can be used in isolation or to enhance our Stock & Recipe Manager module. FactSheet Download

A summary of the main features are listed below, but please download our factsheet to get more detail:

Supplier Catalogues: Good management of your suppliers and the establishment of data submission protocols is vital to the success of online ordering.

Online Ordering: Enables you to set up 'Favourite Order' templates or accept auto created ones from recently placed orders or stock taking sheets.

Order Book Off
: A simple process that enables you check that goods delivered match those ordered and any variance submitted as a credit request to the supplier.

Auto Accrual Creation
: This process (along with educating your suppliers not to accept orders without a PO number) is a vital part in eliminating lost invoices and constand requests for copy invoices.

Accual Export: Option to export data to your account application in a format that is suitable for your needs.

Electronic Supplier Invoicing (EDI): Enables your suppliers to submit purchase invoices and credit notes electronically and matches them to the relevant order with any variations sent back to the supplier as a query or credit note request.

Purchase Export: This is a simple process to configure the export to each clients accounting application and can be run when required as live or test versions. Once exported rules ensure that data cannot be re-exported.

Supplier Statement Reconcilliation: This enables your suppliers to upload their monthly statements so they can be automatically reconciled with the EDI invoices received.

Rules and Tools: We have a wide range of tools which can be customised to fit with the particular 'peculiarities' of your suppliers - for example - if a supplier changes a unit or measure but keeps the same product codes, we can switch on the tool that recognises this fact.

Reports: Comprehensive report wizards, all tailored to your requirements.

Seamless Processes: As IndiCater is a single platform, e-Procurement can be used in conjunction with our other modules such as stocktaking, recipe costing, wastage recording, menu nutrition, import of sales data from epos, Trading 'Flash' Reports, supplier complaints, cost price indexes, cash reconciliation, and many more.