9 October 2017

De-risking foodservice margins

In recent weeks, City analyst, Tim Barrett, argued that “current weak like-for-like sales increases in the sector do not allow margins to be protected, meaning an increased risk of failure for some private companies”. Tim’s views were supported by sound economic findings including key essential markers such as rising food inflation, flat like for like sales, low earnings risk, added margin pressures, poor foreign exchange rates, and more besides. It made sobering reading for those involved in the sector, but perhaps not surprising.

With private companies now at a more likely risk of failure, never has there been a more appropriate time to explore the opportunities that technology brings across a business, de-risking many of the challenging hot spots.

At IndiCater, de-risking through technology sits at the very heart of what we do. And our clients across the sector agree. So where can technology help?

Put simply, our technical expertise drives business margins and subsequent profits. It does this via a combination of processes, all of which involve collecting and interrogating operating data from a combination of sales, purchases, stock, recipes, and human resources. No two clients are the same; our software works to the exacting needs of the organisation and is as individual as they are.

Our web site tells the story. If you are looking for ways of driving your business, getting to the heart of the numbers that makes it tick, we would be happy to explore opportunities with you. In every case, clients have reported significant financial benefits from engaging with IndiCater.

Mike Day, CEO