17 October 2017

The Foodservice Debate

Raising the bar to support genuine social change

IndiCater are proud to sponsor EP in bringing together consultants, caterers and clients for a full-day of powerful foodservice insights and to engage in a meaningful debate around the sector. There is a great need to share knowledge in these times of change. It can benefit all in terms of new business, raising the bar for positive change and building meaningful relationships.

Hospitality Insights Conference – 14th November 2017, London

9:00am                 Welcome and Introduction

9:30am                 Nourish The World

Professor David Russell, Chairman of The Russell Partnership Collection on the role we play in education, the knowledge levers we have and balancing commercial returns with building healthy living and our role in knowledge leadership.

10:00am               The Consultants View

It is clear that many want an open conversation on the current situation and three consultants will provide their important insight:

  • Peter Pitham, MD/Principal Consultant of Catering Consultancy Bureau
  • Ian Doughty, Partner of Turpin Smale Catering Consultants
  • Julian Fris, Director of Neller Davies

10:30am       Break for Morning Drinks

11:00am               What Will Foodservice Look Like In Five Years?

What insights and learnings can support companies to anticipate the future, speaking on this core area are:

  • Martin Boden, Managing Director UK of Sodexo
  • Kate Taylor, Nutrition Consultant
  • Tom Cox, Director of AlixPartners
  • Lily Simpson, Founder of Detox Kitchen

11:45am               The Dominance of Red Tape

Has the industry grown so fast that there is a lack of understanding on how to best to procure catering services? Chris Stern, Managing Director of Stern Consultancy argues that the dominance of red tape in procurement is causing mass frustration.

12:05pm               Your Delivery Is On Its Way

Stringent constraints and space implications require innovative solutions – is the future central production kitchens and a greater self-delivery? Speaking on this core area:

  • Dan Gill, Founder of Dine
  • Mike Coldicott, Managing Director of Tricon
  • Dean Kennett, Managing Director of Just Hospitality
  • Stuart Sunderland, CEO of City Pantry

12:30             Break for Lunch

1:30pm                 Is The Commercial Model Broken?

With increased pressure on caterers, is the commercial model in need of fixing? Food and people are of the utmost importance but is the current process not having as much positive commercial impact as it should. Sharing their insight:

  • Adam Elliott, CEO of The Concerto Group
  • Doug Tetley, Managing Director at Delaware North Companies UK

2:15pm                 ‘Change Please’

What if your morning coffee could change lives? Change Please will showcase how they empower homeless people with the skills, equipment and speciality beans they need to become fully-fledged baristas.

2:25pm                 Are We Beyond Sustainability?

Continuing to treat sustainability as an “optional extra” might seem like a good idea, for some, but there might be some surprises ahead. This discussion includes:

  • Mark Linehan, Sustainability Consultant
  • Philip Verey, Commercial Director of Winnow Solutions
  • Wendy Sutherland, Managing Director of Ramsay Todd
  • The Carbon Trust

3:00pm                     Break for Afternoon Drinks

3:30pm                The Special Ingredient

Kevin Watson, Managing Director of Amadeus on building strong cultures against all the pressure and expectations.

3:50pm                 Where Is The Emerging Talent?

Every generation faces its own challenge but now the emerging talent is lacking the creativity and innovation which is causing business problems. This discussion includes:

  • Antony Woodcock, CEO of gig
  • Jane Sunley, CEO of Purple Cubed

4:15pm               The Need to Support Mental Health

4:30pm               Event Close   

Tickets are £75+VAT. To book yours, please contact ben.butler@epmagazine.co.uk


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