27 January 2020

Adjusting Nutrition values in recipes for weight change in preparation

As mentioned in previous communications, we have been developing a tool that adjusts the nutritional values in recipes for weight change in preparation.  As the importance of nutrition is more of a hot topic than ever, we are delighted to announce that this fantastic new tool is now available in Recipe Manager.

The Update Dish Cooking Method functionality can be used to correct the nutrition value of an ingredient by selecting the appropriate cooking method, for example:

Using an example dish called Rice & Bacon, the dish contains 120g of raw rice and 300g of raw bacon and makes 2 portions. A portion is 210g.

Once cooked, the rice becomes a lot heavier and the bacon becomes lighter. Using the FSA standard cooking method calculations, 120g of raw rice becomes 304.8g when boiled.

With the cooking methods now applied, although the dish is heavier, it still makes 2 portions and so the calories and fat per portion remain the same. The weight of each portion however has changed from 210g to 265g.

The calories and fat of 100g of Dish has changed. This is because 100g of the dish is now a smaller amount due to the heavier rice.

Before, with the raw nutritional values applied

After, the circled data shows where the changes can be seen after the cooking method has been applied. This impacts the calories and fat by updating the weight of the cooked item.

If you would like more information on this please do not hesitate to contact us.