4 March 2021

ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice)-EDI Lite

We have introduced a new feature to EDI Lite which enables you as the supplier to send your customer updated information about their order being delivered via an ASN, Advanced Shipping Notice.

This is not a compulsory task but gives you an opportunity to send the customer updated quantities being delivered. You can’t use this feature to amend the unit price.

This feature replicates information being sent by some suppliers who have live integrations with IndiCater.

Step-by-Step guide
1. Once logged into the IndiCater Supplier Portal, click on the Order Management tab which you use to enter your EDI invoices

2. You will see a new column called ASN. An ASN is an Advanced Shipping Notice and enables you to update the quantities being delivered prior to delivery

3. You can create an ASN if the order hasn’t yet been booked off/goods receipted by your customer

4. To create an ASN, click Create ASN in red

5. You can see the details of the order and can now amend the quantities. This doesn’t change the order but lets the user know what quantities will be delivered

6. You can use the green cross button to add additional items which are being delivered with the order

7. Once you have made any changes, click Create ASN

8. The customer will now be able to see if their order has been updated and will see the quantity they ordered and the quantity you are going to deliver.

9. The rest of the process remains unchanged. Once the customer has booked off their order in IndiCater you can create your invoice.