10 July 2019

Be ready NOW for new Labelling Legislation

The ideal solution is for your supplier to insert a list of ingredients into an extra column in the catalogue template, however as around 1000 suppliers use our catalogue upload template, we do not feel it wise to impose a quick change on them.  We will therefore advise suppliers that there will be an extra field for them to populate with ingredient information from 1st October 2019.

Meanwhile, for clients who want to be ahead of the game and get their suppliers to fast track supplying this information, we have now developed an ‘Other Information’ template that your suppliers can use to upload the ingredients for each product.  This additional information is available to view when creating a requisition and will soon be available in a new report.  Please view the Supplier Other Information Fact Sheet in the Feature Update section.

All suppliers who currently upload their catalogue to our portal will receive a Supplier Information bulletin by 19th July.

Although new legislation, coming into force by summer 2021, will mandate full ingredient labelling for foods pre-packed for direct sale, clients using the IndiCater Recipe Manager module can already provide this data for all their recipes created on IndiCater.

In addition, we can create a tailored output to enable you to print labels or point of service cards from multiple recipes direct using our recipe search tool.  This can include ingredients, allergens and nutritional data if required.  Please ask your IndiCater Account Manager for more information and a quote for an output format that will work for your size and quantity of labels.  Here is just one possible example format: