5 April 2023

The five killer questions to ask

The five killer questions to ask when selecting the best food service management software for your multi-site hospitality operations

We want you to improve your business performance with clearer visibility and greater insights from your data. Plus simpler processes, tighter controls and legal compliance. So we have compiled a list of five questions, plus a sixth bonus question to help you find the best solution for you.

Q1 Does your system support an unlimited number of users?

The indicater.com platform supports an unlimited number of users with your subscription. However, some providers have limits on the number of users they support or make it very hard or expensive to add new ones, as you grow.

Q2 How easy is your system to use by chefs and administrators?

My users have fantastic hospitality skills but are not digital natives, so is your system easy to use and will my users understand the instructions, terminology or language used in the platform? 

Yes, we make sure that all language used is non-technical within the indcater.com platform so that anybody can intuitively understand, use it and get the best out of it.

Q3 Is it possible to eliminate the need for spreadsheets and multiple platforms that don’t talk to each other?

Yes, you can banish spreadsheets for good and have just one platform that integrates with everything. Because indicater.com is a single platform and has grown organically over the years rather than acquiring different companies, this means each of your users can access all functions with one log in. We can work with any of your suppliers and integrate with them, with your EPoS data and other 3rd parties.

Q4 I’m looking for a platform provider that will be a long-term partner, have a deep understanding of my business process and can adapt and work with me. Is this you?

There are many platforms with low-cost business models and prices to match. This is fine if your needs match their cookie-cutter approach. However, they achieve this by sacrificing support and flexibility. 

Every one of our clients is unique. No really, they are. 

So we will spend time getting to know you and your business and understanding your ambition. Then customising the configuration and options to meet your needs, whilst working collaboratively to help you achieve your business objectives over the long-term.

Q5 If my business needs to add a function not currently available in your platform how easy is it to add and what is the process?

It is easy to add functionality, we appreciate that all clients’ needs evolve over time. Simply talk to us about the business challenge you need to solve and we will discuss options with you. Finding a solution might be as easy as turning on some functionality in the platform or it may need some software development work. If lots of clients are asking for the same thing, then your request could be included in one of our 4 week new version updates, free to all subscribers.

Bonus Q6 How well established is your EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system and is it fully functioning?

Our EDI system is compliant with all the relevant standards and is fully operational because we have spent years developing a robust solution that our clients rely on. If you want electronic invoicing then check out the provider’s EDI experience. Unfortunately, the standards and  transmission protocols are complex in this critical area and some providers say they have EDI capability but their solutions are not fully developed – which can leave you exposed to unexpected errors. 

The best food service management software has a clear dashboard

“Imagine having a clear, up-to-date dashboard showing all your operational data, empowering you to make better business decisions,” says Stuart Moore of indicater.com. Moore goes on to add, “Tell us what’s holding your business performance back and we’ll tell you how our platform has helped other multi-site hospitality operators to navigate the same challenges. Plus some useful tips on how to release the full potential in your own business.

Powerful reasons why all successful hospitality operators should use our food service management software

    • Accurate, (real-time) reporting
    • Improved controls
    • Simple and efficient processes
    • Easier margin management
    • Stay legally compliant
    • Integrates nicely with EPoS and accounting systems
    • Only pay for the modules you use
    • Add new modules as you grow
    • Modules tailored to you
    • Future-proof with updates every 4 weeks
    • Experienced UK support team

Spend more time building your hospitality business and less time managing it

Discover how. Chat to Stuart Moore. An experienced restauranteur and entrepreneurial professional, passionate about gaining a deep understanding of what you need, before building a partnership that creates long-term value. Then proactively delivering powerful and innovative solutions to drive business performance. He is an inquisitive thinker, problem solver and solutions provider.

indicater.com is one of the best food service management software systems. It is a modular, cloud-based platform that simplifies your multi-unit hospitality or restaurant operations, controls your costs and ingredient compliance – in real-time. Providing clear financial visibility and powerful insights into your business data, combined with excellent support from our UK team of ex-hospitality professionals and technologists.  The company was founded in 2000, and operates independently with the support and resources of the Volaris Group, a buy-and-hold acquirer of software businesses, who focus on the long term success of their companies.