1 March 2021

Considerations when adopting Employment & HR

This document is for clients who want an Employment & HR solution that can provide a wealth of integrated online tools to help automate and manage routine employment processes. 

Offering outstanding efficiencies in this complex operational area, both Head Office and Outlet staff can manage Staff Records, Staff Rota, Absence Management and Time Sheets with access to a comprehensive range of integrated reports, providing an efficient in-house solution.  

Key benefits include:

Can be tailored to client specific requirements

Assists in fulfilling ever increasing legal responsibilities

Provides key staffing performance data

Data can be seamlessly exported to or imported from any payroll application


Do you currently use a HR system?  If not, how do you store your staff record details?

Who will be responsible for maintaining the records?

What authorisation process do you use for new employees?

What payroll application do you use?

How do you manage your staff rota?

How do you record absence, sickness and holidays?

Do you compare staff costs against budget?

Do your staff move between outlets/sites?