1 March 2021

Considerations when Exporting data from IndiCater

Most clients will wish to export their transactions from IndiCater so that they can import them into their own Accounting or Payroll application.   Just some of these third party applications we currently have configured exports for are shown above.

Each export is configured uniquely for each client as experience has shown different ways that clients use the same accounting application.

IndiCater’s project managers can engage with your finance team or with your application’s external consultant in order to identify the specific export format required, the nominal code structure to use and the rules that need to govern specific fields.

The essential part of the specification is to include in it a definitive range of scenarios, each with a different detailed transaction, so that our mutual testing teams know exactly what output to test against.

Once a specification is agreed we will document this, create a technical specification, schedule the development and then create the actual file format for testing.  Our project manager will then work with your team to mutually test against the pre-defined test transactions.

Exports can be run from within the head office application, governed of course by a permission.  Once run for the selected Outlet(s) and period the export will be delivered in CSV format by email to the designated user.

Transactions are available to be exported once the outlet user has closed their period that contains those transactions.

Once the development is delivered and signed off, and the export has been used successfully for a while, some clients then like to consider automating the process to a date and time schedule so that the file is auto created and delivered to a client’s FTP or SFTP folder or called from our API.