5 May 2021

CRM & Event Management

Events Creator using Hospitality and Rooms Bookings

For clients that allow their users to order Hospitality online but wish to centrally manage the more complex requirements of events, the activation of the CRM & Events sub modules in Hospitality Hub allows both scenarios whilst providing a single hospitality order management dashboard.

The CRM customer database enables a range of data to be stored and updated with a range of drop downs populated in your set up tool such as for Sectors, Business Types, Enquiry Types.  An event starts as an Enquiry and is tagged to a specified contact from within the customer record.

From an enquiry, one or multiple events can be created (linked to the same enquiry) and events can also be created for multiple dates with hospitality and rooms being set and updated separately for each one.

Events can be built with Hospitality requirements using hospitality or event menus (or a combination of both) together with separate notes for each event under sections for IT, Security, Catering, FM, Bedroom Reservations, or any client defined headings.  Notes templates can be created for frequent use.

Event quotes are automatically created from the event data entered, with the facility to email the quote to oneself or the customer together with your choice from a set of multiple documents such as T&C’s, payment terms, menus, wine list etc as created in a set up tool with document formatting functionality.

A contract, similar in format to the quote, is also automatically created by the system with VAT shown and can be emailed to oneself or the customer and with a selection from the same range of documents.

A deposit invoice can be created (seamlessly integrated with our Finance module for those clients using that) and emailed to the customer as can the invoice for the event with the deposit automatically deducted.   Customer statements can be created and, as part of the Finance module, customer receipts can be recorded as banking, and invoices/deposits can be exported to your accounting application.

The system also auto generates Event Function Sheets including a Programme Summary of the event with all hospitality and rooms data together with your choice of department notes. The Event Function Sheet can be emailed to your various departments as well as your customer if you wish.

An Events Schedule can be viewed by day, week, month and printed with a choice from the set range of department notes.  The Events Schedule can be emailed to any email addresses.