9 February 2021

EDI Invoicing for smaller suppliers

We are continuously working with our client’s current and new suppliers to offer them the option of providing a more integrated solution to save them admin time and provide a more efficient solution for our mutual customers.  Many of the larger suppliers are benefitting from being fully integrated but even the smaller suppliers can access our Portal and simply create their invoice from a receipted order (known as EDI Lite) with just a couple of clicks as detailed below:

Once logged into the Portal, the designated supplier user will have access to a new Order Management tab. In this area they will be able to see orders placed and filter by client.

Example Order Management Dashboard

To submit an invoice, simply click on the red Create Invoice wording, the Create Invoice box will be displayed, enter the invoice date, the invoice value and VAT and then select ‘Create Invoice’ – or update the quantities or add/delete a product.

If the suggested invoice value is correct, which is based on the products booked off/goods receipted, enter the invoice number, add any VAT and click Create Invoice.  Nothing else is required.

If the suggested invoice value needs amending, amend the net value to the correct invoice value. The order details are displayed so that the quantities and unit prices of the individual products can be corrected to ensure the total equals the sum of the items.

This will create an EDI invoice that is auto matched to the booked off order ready for exporting into the clients accounting application.