1 August 2018

EDI Lite – Our NEW tool to help you save time

The efficiency of any business operation depends on workflow. The better automated a process chain is, especially in E-procurement, the more efficient the team becomes. This saves overall employee time, making the team more effective and able to do more with less stress or frustration. At the end of the day, efficiency leads to bigger bottom-line profits and identifying the areas that need streamlining is the key.

We at IndiCater, recognise ‘time is money’ and look to identify these key areas for you and provide a solution to help you improve processes and management of your platform.

A major new enhancement for our e-procurement clients and their suppliers is EDI Lite that is accessed via the Supplier Portal within our IndiCater platform. EDI Lite enables a supplier to view and convert all booked off orders instead of this being done by the outlet.  Estimated credit notes created during the book off process can also be converted by suppliers to actual credit notes on EDI Lite by the click of button.

This new option is designed for suppliers who cannot send their invoices electronically via IndiCater using the GS1 standard or who find the invoice upload tool too time consuming.  GS1 further automates the process where invoices are automatically matched with the corresponding PO and enables a seamless process for all parties, saving countless hours of input.

EDI Lite is a fantastic new addition to Indicater’s e-procurement platform and further refines the offering to our clients and suppliers, making it an easier and more intuitive system to use.

Furthermore, IndiCater has enhanced disputes through EDI invoices.  As more clients are now receiving electronic invoices from their suppliers through IndiCater, we have enhanced the process of disputing an invoice received from a supplier.
Disputed invoices are highlighted as such and a detailed email is sent to the supplier and the user containing the relevant information.
This applies to invoices received from integrated suppliers, through EDI Lite and from the invoice import process.

Get in contact with us to discuss how EDI Lite and GS1 integration between client and supplier can help your business streamline your procurement process.

Check back for more updates, developments and blogs coming soon.