1 March 2021

GS1 Supplier Integration Format

Technical Information

The information provided below is the information required for the Integration to receive a GS1 order form IndiCater and transmit a GS1 ASN to IndiCater, and assumes the reader has previously implemented GS1 integrations with other third parties.  If the latter is not the case, IndiCater cannot provide technical support to Suppliers on how to create a GS1 integration – further information and support is available on the gs1.org website.

Order Format

See attached GS1_Order-Format to use in conjunction with the Ordering Sample

Order Sample:

The order sample below details the information on the order sheet, the attached GS1_Order-Format file details the information presented in the example data below.

ASN Format

See attached GS1_ASN-format for using in conjunction when sending ASN’s to IndiCater

ASN Sample:

The Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) details any changes between what has been ordered and what is being dispatched.  Below is an example of the information presented in the GS1_ASN file: