5 May 2021

Hospitality Ordering – Example Set Up Options

Hospitality with or without integrated room booking

Simple Hospitality Ordering Only with the user selecting their building and room from a drop down (suitable where you want to continue using your existing room booking system)

OR, the user books their room in the IndiCater Room Booking tool with drag ‘n’ drop functionality and then selects either ‘No Hospitality’ or ‘Book Hospitality’.

Customers can view and update their orders in their dashboard and admin users can see all customer orders and also any event orders.

Room Set Up Tool

Campuses, Buildings and Rooms can all be set up and configured for delivery and/or collection, multiple room hire rates, minimum order values per room, choice of room layout formats each with maximum numbers, available opening and closing times, weekend availability, and an option to display a room for Events only (i.e. not Hospitality).

Delivery windows can be set up uniquely with huge flexibility for each room if required with a simple drag and drop tool enabling multiple different windows per day, per room and also different advance order days and cut off times for different menu categories – or you can just accept the defaults.

Multiple kitchens can be set up so that each building can be tagged to a specific kitchen.

Cost Centre Options

The default allows the user to enter their desired cost centre, but other options can force a desired format (with your own message of explanation), or our specialist integration services can import your Budget Holders for the user to select from (that then displays only their available Cost Centre Codes).   Another option allows a user to add a free text code that is then stored as a favourite for that user.

A Third-Party Invoicing option can be selected as part of creating a Hospitality Order as an alternative to internal recharging (see Invoicing Summary section below).

Approving Hospitality Orders

The Approvals set up tool enables the setting of any value of Hospitality Order that can be placed by a user without prior approval, as well as any number of approval levels and the trigger order value for each level.  An approver can also approve their own orders up to the value of their level.

Recharging and Invoicing Summary

As mentioned, all hospitality orders are set with a cost code by the user so that the order details can be picked up in the Sales & Recharge report.

Bespoke exports can be quoted for so that hospitality recharges can be imported directly into your own accounting application.

The 3rd Party Invoicing option in Hospitality Ordering enables the kitchen user to select this when dispatching the order so that the requests is emailed to your finance department with all the details required for them to raise the invoice.   A fully automated invoice creation tool for third party hospitality users can be activated for an additional charge.

Events charges can either be developed as part of a bespoke export or deposit invoices and event invoices can be created within the application for emailing to customers.