12 October 2018

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to Allergens

We say it in all walks of life, whether it be at work, at home with the family or with friends; why do we wait for something bad to happen before we take action? The recent events in the news surrounding allergens is only the tip of the iceberg in an extremely important and dangerous subject.

Hundreds of organisations in the UK and beyond are playing Russian roulette with their customers by not providing them with the basic nutritional and allergen notifications, labelling and, more importantly, knowledge in their business. Many businesses simply do not have the understanding or application to provide their customers with this information, putting their company and lives of their customer at risk. We think allergens and immediately reflect on supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants or hotels that you have been to and how they display this information. These are the businesses that, you hope, should have their ducks in a row but how about all of the other places you socialise or events you attend in leisure centres, golf clubs, sports clubs, weddings and conferences, how are these businesses dealing with this. The answer, worryingly, is either with outdated spreadsheets which require a huge amount of manual work, or not at all.

It is the law for businesses to display and maintain allergen information on all of their products and it’s the industry that needs to help these businesses, that we attend and eat in every day, to supply them with the tools to provide their customers with this information.

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I remember working in a chain of restaurants when I was younger and taking an order from someone who asked if there were any dishes that were peanut free. I had absolutely no idea, there were no markings on the menu and there were no recipe cards on display to provide this information. I was a 17-year-old student and someone was putting their lives in my hands with a question I had no idea about. Obviously, if in doubt, say no, but why should anyone, including the customer be put in that position. That was a while ago, but the same thing is happening today.

So, what is stopping these businesses from investing in software to help provide compliance for their operation and customers on a day to day basis;

  1. Do businesses simply not know about software that can
    help manage recipes, allergens and nutritional information
  2. Are business owners concerned about the expense of such systems?
  3. Is it the set up and maintenance of such software that businesses feel will be too difficult to undertake?

What if I told you this type of software exists, is intuitive to use, incredibly easy to maintain and set up (a matter of a few weeks actually) and can cost from as little as £3 per day.

I am now on the side of licensing software that provides tools to businesses to display this information at the click of a button by building recipes direct from supplier products, who send nutritional and allergen information on a daily basis for each product. Essentially, most of the work is conducted by the supplier, not by you, negating the fear of ‘time’, managing such a system. This then allows the business to display their dishes, drinks and products with accurate data in order to offer the customer, the service they deserve.

Take a quick look at this short video which outlines how easy it is to set up, maintain a system that can build dishes, create menus and display allergen and nutritional information for your business.

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The summary of this blog is that we shouldn’t be waiting for a catastrophe to happen before we react; pardon the pun. We should be looking at software as a proactive tool to not just help prevent a disaster, we should be using tools, like IndiCater as a way to help improve your business, streamline your operation and provide confidence to your customers that you have their well-being at heart.

Adam Smith

Sales Manager at IndiCater