Our API is a real game-changer

Our API (Applications Programming Interface) helps you to stand out from your competitors by empowering innovation. Streamlining systems integration, it increases your efficiency, expands functionality, improves user experience and enables scalability.

It also simplifies the way our team collaborates with your business, through the rapid development and deployment of new micro-services on your behalf.

indicater stock and ordering software

Enjoy all the benefits of the indicater.com API

Our API promotes ways for you to collaborate and makes it easier for you to grow by accessing valuable business ecosystems. You’ll also be able to deliver value-added solutions, adapt quicker to changing customer demands or the evolving digital landscape.

Discover all the advantages of using our EDI and our integrations.

Streamline communication between different systems

Connect and integrate your systems, applications, or services with external platforms or third-party software for seamless communication, data exchange and functionality.

Enhance operational efficiency

Automate processes by enabling data sharing and functionality between systems,  eliminate manual data entry or repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, save time and resources.

Expanded functionality and accelerate development time

Support for your agile development by accessing additional features, services, or data from external sources to enhance your products, services or applications without having to build everything from scratch.

Improve your users’ experience

Create a better user experience by integrating external services or data, and providing greater convenience with a more positive and engaging experience.

Achieve greater scale and more flexibility

Scale your business by enabling you to add new features or services without overhauling your existing systems. Easily integrate new functionalities so you can adapt to changing customer demands or evolving business needs.

Promote closer collaboration and partnerships

Having a standardised, secure and a seamless way to share data and services means you can partner with vendors and customers, or developers like us and create mutually beneficial relationships, promote innovation and expand your market reach.

Grow your business by accessing our business ecosystem

Tap into a more diverse group of service and product providers, leverage your existing infrastructure and extend your market reach with our business ecosystem. Leading you to increased visibility, with new customer acquisitions and business growth.

Be faster and more agile

Our API makes it easier and faster for you to respond to your market by integrating any new ideas or components into your systems architecture in the future.

Always up to date, in real time

Our API enables real time data to be used so all current allergen information for food labelling is accurate, up-to-the minute.

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