Our EDI is guaranteed to work

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module is robust, fully tested and fully functioning. Adopting it will help to drive your operational excellence and optimise your business relationships.

It makes your digital transformation easier because it integrates with your existing and future systems, whilst complying with all the specific regulations and standards for data exchange.

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Enjoy all the benefits of our EDI

As well as saving you costs, it also helps to improve your efficiency, increases accuracy, speeds up transactions and streamlines processes. It makes it easier for you to optimise your supply chain management, to scale up and to grow. Supporting your corporate social responsibility agenda at the same time.

Discover all the advantages of using our API and our integrations.

Improved operational efficiency

Exchanging documents and data electronically in a standardised format, eliminates manual data entry, paper-based processes and traditional mail, resulting in increased efficiency and faster transaction cycles.

Save costs and cut delays

Automated document exchange reduces the costs of paper, printing, postage and rekeying data. It also reduces errors and cuts delays.

Increased accuracy and consistency of data

Inaccurate data is minimised as it is entered electronically and transmitted directly between systems, improving accuracy and consistency across systems as human error is consigned to the past.

Speed up your supply chain with faster transactions

Experience real-time or near-real-time data exchange between trading partners. This speeds up order processing and supply chain operations, reduces lead times, improves customer satisfaction, and increases your competitiveness.

Optimise your supply chain management

Seamless communication between different parties in your supply chain will lead to more efficient inventory management, better demand forecasting and logistics coordination. Giving you a clearer view of your supply chain and how to optimise it better.

Simplify workflows and improve productivity

Automate and streamline your business processes, simplify workflows, remove manual interventions and eliminate paperwork to improve efficiency and productivity.

Improve customer service and relationships

Your customers will be delighted with faster order processing, accurate invoicing and timely fulfilment with minimum errors and delays. Leading to repeat business and word of mouth recommendations to others.

Peace of mind with regulatory compliance

Our EDI complies with all the specific regulations and standards for data exchange so you don’t have to worry about compliance and whether your data interactions will work.

Easy to integrate and scale up

Easily scaled and integrated into your existing systems, our EDI can handle increasing volumes of transactions as you grow, facilitating end-to-end business processes at the same time.

Supporting your corporate social responsibility agenda

By reducing paper usage and the ecological impact of physical transportation, our EDI contributes to your environmental sustainability by minimising carbon emissions and supports your CSR agenda.

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