Integration with applications you know and love

The cloud-based platform does all your heavy lifting by automating tasks, streamlining processes and banishes data silos for good. It integrates easily and plays nicely with all the other systems in your business. Whether that’s your EPoS system, your suppliers, a label printing solution or your accounting software.
indicater stock and ordering software

Why integration is vital

Our platform saves your team hours of wasted time, month after month, entering data into one or more system, it cuts errors and gives you real-time visibility of all your data based on a single version of the truth. 

Grow and collaborate more easily with our API

Our Application Programming Interface makes it easier for you to collaborate and grow by accessing valuable business ecosystems. Discover more about our API.

Accelerate your digital transformation with our EDI

Our EDI integrates with your existing and future systems, whilst complying with all the specific regulations and standards for data exchange. It is robust, fully tested and fully functioning. Discover more about our EDI module.

Enjoy all the benefits of integration

This results in improved efficiency, data accuracy, better decision-making capabilities, cost savings, higher customer satisfaction, and sharpens your competitive edge overall.

Heads up and eyes down

Keep a holistic view of your business as well as drill down when you need to, by syncing your front and back of house systems in your very own integrated business ecosystem. 

Cut costly manual data entry

It takes time and concentration to enter data accurately and humans aren’t always 100% reliable, so cut time and mistakes from duplicate data entry, manual data transfers or reworks. Re-allocate what your people do so they can be more operationally efficient. 

Save everyone’s precious time

Give your people the gift of a little more time by releasing them from onerous admin and laborious spreadsheet updates by automating these tasks so they can get on with what they do best, resulting in increased productivity and reduced workload.

Boost efficiency and streamline processes

Information flows are seamlessly automated so no more manually pasting data from one spreadsheet or system to another – so your people can focus on more productive tasks, saving effort and resources.

Confident, informed decision-making

Make business critical decisions with confidence based on the quality and integrity of your data because you’ll have one, single version of the truth because it is consistently updated and synchronised across platforms. Empowering you with accurate and up-to-date information to make informed choices.

Gain a real competitive edge

By leveraging the power of connected systems you will respond faster, providing better customer service, and improved operational efficiency, to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Combine data from multiple systems in one report

Continue to use all the separate specialist systems to run your business and yet combine all their data in a single place for better analysis in a dashboard or performance report.

Exporting time-critical data

Exporting transactional data from into your finance system is a reliable and fast way to update your purchase ledger.

Be more flexible and scalable

With a scalable foundation for business growth you can add new systems or expand existing ones without disrupting your overall infrastructure, adapt to changing needs and seizing new opportunities quickly and easily.

Don’t see your supplier?

Nominate them and we’ll add them to our list of integrations.