Recipe, Menu & Allergen Manager

We can help you comply with the new calorie labelling regulations and Natasha’s Law allergy labelling.

Software that covers every step of the production process from creating detailed online recipes using live supplier catalogue ingredients and costs, automatic preparation of planned menus all the way to full nutritional and allergen compliance.

IndiCater recipe manager
IndiCater recipe manager

Complete control of recipes and menus

Recipes and menus can be created with ease using live cost and ingredient data received directly from suppliers.

Create an unlimited library resource of recipes, each one presenting essential information including recipe costings and margins, comprehensive allergen and nutritional data, detailed recipe specifications and production methods.

GP & Waste Data

Allergy Labelling Compliance

Calorie Labelling on Menus


Master your Menus with our NEW Menu Hub

Our new Menu Hub brings together many powerful and unique features in one easy to use module.

Create individual menus and menu plans from your recipes, manage categories, add descriptions, display allergens and calorie information, create a cookbook from your menus, and much more.

Allergy and calorie labelling compliance.

With food labelling for pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) now being law and calorie labelling on menus for cafes, restaurants and takeaways from April, you need a complete software solution that helps keep you compliant.

IndiCater Menu Hub has everything you need for creating compliant menus in minutes.

Tailored to your taste

We design your package around you, so you only pay for what you are going to use.
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Mastering their menus with Menu Hub

Having worked with IndiCater for 10 years, we are really excited to be using the new Menu Hub module, it has given us great flexibility whilst helping us maintain compliance and control throughout our menus.

We work with a varied client base from schools, assisted living, extra care, retirement living and B&I sites and use IndiCater for its ease of use and time-saving features allowing us to manage the sharing of menu data across our business.

With IndiCater we have the flexibility to create different levels of access depending on what our clients need. Some schools have weekly menus which can be locked to ensure that they are read-only allowing the school users access to recipe cookbooks, allergen and nutritional information but without the ability to make changes. We can give some schools the ability to create their own weekly menus from a bank of recipes whilst others can have full access to create their own recipes and menus.

We recommend IndiCater to anyone looking for an easy to use, flexible and time-saving recipe and menu management software and with the added functionality of the new Menu Hub module.

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