1 March 2021

IndiCater Technology Stack

IndiCater is a multi tenanted cloud-based application hosted at Rackspace, providing a fault tolerant, load balanced web service backed by fault tolerant database servers protected by Sophos Antivirus. Currently planning migration to Microsoft Azure.

The network uses Cisco ASA 5508 HA Pair, Imperva Incapsula Enterprise 20 cloud-based Load Balancer and has extendable 1TB bandwidth. There are 4 x 32Gb Dual Processor Quad Core dedicated servers and 1 x 64GB Dual Processor Eight Core dedicated server with Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680, for the databases 2 x 32Gb Single Processor Quad Core Dedicated Servers in Active/Passive Cluster with Intel Xenon E5-2643, 10M Cache, 3.3 GHz. There are 2 x Shared SAN Storage on Rackspace Silver service.

The application sits on Virtual Machine Support consisting of Windows based servers running MS Windows Server 2012 Standard 64 bit, MS SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition. The application utilises the Microsoft technology stack, .Net 4.6, C#, and some legacy Classic ASP.  Third party vendor products are used by the application such as Boostrap 3.3.7, Persits Upload, Persits pdf, MailEnable, FileZilla Server. All current major browsers are supported.

There is a bespoke batch scheduler that monitors and controls client data interfaces including Data Exports, Catalogue Imports, Offline report requests, and third-party connections for EDI, EPOS etc. The background tasks communicate with Client systems using Outbound FTP (Push), Lodging on FTP server for Client access (PULL), or using our API’s to connect to Client or third party data services (e.g. EDI, EPOS).

The application is based on Microsoft web technologies and web site programs are written in ASP.NET, Classic ASP (being decommissioned) and JavaScript.  The database core is Microsoft SQL Server and database programs are written in T/SQL.  Offline batch processing scripts are written in VBScript and  Powershell. Reporting Services reports are written in RDL. Client-side ActiveX controls are not used.