You will enjoy a supportive environment, flexible hybrid working, no silos or micro-management, freedom to plan your days and a great work-life balance.


Forward Thinking

Continually look forward, to generate new ideas, new ways of working & to never stand still.


Always do the right thing & always in our clients’ best interest.

Collaborative Partner

Easy to work with, support each other & are here for the long-term.

Including Everyone

Everyone is different, makes a unique contribution &  inclusivity makes us stronger.

Achieving Excellence

To be the best we can be by relentlessly improving our software, systems & ourselves.


Always feel supported

There is always somebody to ask questions, to help you out or to provide you with the support you need.

Freedom to plan your days

There is so much to do and no two days are ever the same. Everyone’s input is encouraged because great ideas can come from anywhere.

Great work life balance

We encourage you to build your career and be there for your loved ones or for yourself. Flexible working means never missing an important family event.

Use your influence

The non-committed will find no hiding places here, but if you want to improve the world around you, then you’ll certainly have the chance to influence it.

Hybrid working environment

You’ll work predominantly from home and meet up regularly for face-to-face meetings and socialising with colleagues. This saves you travel time and costs, yet maintains our distinct culture.

No micro-management

Cross-functional working is expected and there is no silos or micro-management here. Everyone is trusted to get on with the work they need to do.


We’re a flexible and tight-knit group making things happen fast because we’re nimble, and quick to react to new challenges. 

Help us do good

Our software and services does good by helping people in lots of different ways. For example it gives information to allergy sufferers to stay healthy and it helps others cut food waste or to become more sustainable.

Friendly bunch to work with

An easy group of people to work with, we have a rich mix of techies and foodies, including ex-chefs. All our clients are amazing and their businesses are exciting and straightforward to understand. We love the hospitality industry.

Agile approach

We use the latest .Net technologies and the principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) for our software development programme in fortnightly sprints in 4 week cycles. Which means we manage our workloads better whilst our clients enjoy regular improvements and enhancements.

Ambitious for growth

Our company is ambitious for growth, which stimulates change and the need to continually to get better which provides more opportunities for everyone.