5 May 2021

Kitchen Management

Kitchen Dashboard

Kitchen users can view all orders (for hospitality and events) in a single dashboard that can also be filtered by kitchen for clients with multiple kitchens.

Multiple orders for today, tomorrow or in the future can be selected to view and print in a single process.  Multiple orders can then be dispatched (or dispatched as part of the printing process) so the kitchen knows they have processed them.

Kitchens can either be pre set per building or automatically set to a Default Kitchen on creating the order and then in the Approvals Dashboard the default kitchen can be changed to the desired kitchen.


There is a default range of reports including Dispatch Report, Kitchen Production Report, Sales & Recharge Report, Sales Mix Report and CRM Customer Record reports.  Bespoke reports can be quoted for.  All reports can be also saved as Excel, CSV, Word, and PDF etc.