5 May 2021

Menu Builder

Menus for Hospitality Ordering and Events are all driven by our Recipe Manager, with all ingredients data including allergens picked up from supplier catalogues – constantly updated by your suppliers so your menus always display the latest data.    Our Label Maker will help you comply with the requirement of Natasha’s Law as well as provide a full range of POS material.

For those clients who do not wish to (or are not yet ready to) populate menu dishes with ingredients, the system can allow just for a dish name.

You can upload your own graphics to each menu dish so your customers can view these when placing their hospitality orders.

Each menu dish can be set with minimum and maximum quantities, a customer and a caterer selling price (with just the former on display in the ordering tool), and multi-VAT rates to select from with the default being 0%.

You can set each menu dish with a reference and long description.

Advance ordering days, cut off times and available start and end times can be set by Menu Subcategory as a default (and additionally tailored by room).  Each menu subcategory can also be additionally made available at weekends and/or displayed only to CRM Event admin users (i.e. not Hospitality order users).

There is a very flexible Meal Deal set up tool that enables, for example, multi choice of say 5 items from 9 from a finger buffet, discounted prices, grouped items for a combo price and other scenarios.

Our amazing POS Label Maker can provide all your point of sale and label formats and will also assist you with Natasha’s Law compliance with ingredient formatting on labels.