8 August 2017

The Misconception of Cyber Security – 19th September 2017

‘The Misconception of Cyber Security’ – a stimulating breakfast forum where we’ll be taking a close look at cyber security in a relaxed environment: what it is, how vulnerable companies are to a cyber-attack, and what businesses can do to ensure they can keep running when something happens.

Cyber security has grown in importance in recent years and all sizes of business are potentially at threat. Speaking at the networking event is Anquan Limited – an experienced team of security experts with expertise in addressing the challenges of security and defence in a connected world.

In conjunction with our partners at EP, this IndiCater sponsored event includes breakfast, networking and essential conversation with Anquan illustrating the risks companies need to be aware of.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday 19th September
Time: 8am for 8:30am until 10am
Location: Central London location

For more information please contact Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk or jonathan.stevens@indicater.com