23 August 2019

New EDI Threshold Analysis Report

There is currently a threshold value that a client can have set that allows the automatic acceptance of EDI supplier invoices that match the booked off order value if it is within the tolerance set.

Some clients have not been sure if they have set the tolerance at the right level so have asked for a report that gives them a view of the number of EDI invoices that have required manual approval in different bands, for example differences of £1, £1-£2, £2-3 etc.

This report can help clients reduce some of the manual interventions needed by their outlet staff.

By using this report, you can decide if you then need to review the threshold amount and ask our Support Desk to change the set value.

To discuss having this new feature activated for your company please contact your Account Manager, Gill Bye: gill.bye@indicater.com or for new enquiries our Business Development Director, Tony Wilson: tony.wilson@indicater.com