Decommissioning Old Reports

Currently there are some legacy reports accessed from each module which we refer to as ‘old’ reports, and these reports are in HTML format but cannot be saved to other formats.  All new reports use Microsoft Reporting Services (MSRS) format and can be saved in Word, Excel, CSV, and PDF formats so are more flexible. Over the next few months all old reports will be gradually decommissioned and replaced with an equivalent MSRS report which users can find in the reports section of each module under the section ‘New Reports’.


Enhanced offline use

Currently if a user’s local internet drops whilst they are recording a stocktake or creating an order, the system will save this data in the users computer cache so that it will be stored on our server once the users local internet recovers its signal; however this is currently restricted to the single stock or ordering sheet the user is working on at that time and they cannot then access a different sheet to work on whilst their local internet has dropped.  This feature is being enhanced so that if a user is operating in a challenging environment such as at sea, the user will be able to select specific stocktaking and ordering sheets and temporarily save them offline so they can each be accessed and used to record data on and toggle between each one so multiple stock and ordering sheets can be used off line until the user’s local internet signal is restored.   This functionality is also being extended to the orders awaiting book off and to stock transfer sheets.


New Today Landing Page

The current Today page in the head office and outlet mode is currently being changed so that a client can select from a series of ‘widgets’ that they would like to form their own unique homepage.  This will include widgets such as ‘the latest documents that have been uploaded to the document Library’, ‘next company event’, ‘new employees’.   If you have suggestions for new widgets that you would like us to consider please share these with your Account Manager.