20 February 2023

New reporting module launched

New performance reporting module launched for our leading management platform for multi-site hospitality operators…

A new reporting module is launched, to make it easier for multi-site hospitality operators to improve their business performance with clearer visibility and greater insights from their data. Plus simpler processes, tighter controls and legal compliance.

“Discover the five killer questions you should ask when selecting the best technology for your multi-site hospitality operations”

Our experts share these 5 questions with you in less than 15 minutes on stand H1763

Ruth Mills and Stuart Moore of indicater.com are on Stand H1763 at the Hospitality Tech section at the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Exhibition on 20-22 March 2023 at ExCel London.

“Imagine having a clear, up-to-date dashboard showing all your operational data, empowering you to make better business decisions,” says Stuart Moore of indicater.com.

Moore goes on to add, “Tell us what’s holding your business performance back and we’ll tell you how our platform has helped other multi-site hospitality operators to navigate the same challenges. Plus some useful tips on how to release the full potential in your own business. Come along and discover more.

‘IndiCater is an important business partner for ARC and the new reporting module is a great addition to their platform. It saves us valuable time and provides excellent business insights’.

Matt Pollard, Head of Purchasing, Food Safety, Nutrition and Environment, Arena Racing Company 

Powerful reasons why successful hospitality operators use our reporting module and platform

  • Accurate, (real-time) reporting
  • Improved controls
  • Simple and efficient processes
  • Easier margin management
  • To stay legally compliant
  • Integrates nicely with EPoS and accounting systems
  • Only pay for the modules they use
  • Add new modules as they grow
  • Modules tailored to them
  • Future-proof with updates every 4 weeks
  • Experienced UK support team

Spend more time building your hospitality business and less time managing it

Our powerful platform enables multi-site hospitality operators to spend more time building their businesses and less time managing them.

Like to discover how?

Arrange a time with Stuart Moore. An experienced restauranteur and entrepreneurial professional, passionate about gaining a deep understanding of what you need, before building a partnership that creates long-term value. Then proactively delivering powerful and innovative solutions to drive business performance. He is an inquisitive thinker, problem solver and solutions provider.

indicater.com is a modular, cloud-based platform that simplifies your multi-unit hospitality or restaurant operations, controls your costs and ingredient compliance – in real-time. Providing clear financial visibility and powerful insights into your business data, combined with excellent support from our UK team of ex-hospitality professionals and technologists.  The company was founded in 2000, and operates independently with the support and resources of the Volaris Group, a buy-and-hold acquirer of software businesses, who focus on the long term success of their companies.