Punch Out – creating a Requisition directly from the supplier website

In Outlet>StORM>Requisitions, we’ve created a great new client option called Punch Out for selected suppliers who can provide this exciting new integration. Using Punch Out, you’ll be able to create a requisition directly from a supplier’s website, by selecting products available to you at the agreed prices for your company. This will therefore make available to your users the suppliers rich product information, industry videos etc., but still then process the order through the IndiCater purchase order processor.

This will be a client option and once set up the user would go into Requisitions in the normal way, add a requisition, select Punch Out and be directed straight into the suppliers website, add the required items to their basket, once the basket has been filled, select Order which will punch the order back to the users outlet requisition basket in IndiCater where the order would be processed in the normal way. Please contact us to discuss which suppliers we are currently talking to about this integration.