Recipe & Menu management software for Pubs

Our software solutions help Pub Groups and individual Pub sites operate with greater safety, accuracy, consistency, and profitability – from ordering stock management to controlling portion sizes, we have what you need to gain insight and control.

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Many Pubs & Pub Groups around the UK use IndiCater

We help them operate with greater accuracy, consistency, and profitability.

Software that covers every step of the production process from creating detailed online recipes using live supplier catalogue ingredients and costs, automatic preparation of planned menus, all the way to full nutritional and allergen compliance, and assistance with the reduction of waste due to greater recipe controls being in place.


Generate orders using suppliers’ catalogues


Create recipes and menus that are automatically costed in real time


Record closing stock takes


Integrates seamlessly with EPoS solutions, accounting applications, supplier stock systems and more


Manage their outlet bookwork

Count on IndiCater…

for food & beverage management & stock control for your pub sites.

Keep track of allergens

Providing an accurate flow of up-to-date information from your suppliers is essential for allergen compliance. IndiCater makes it easy.

Helping to reduced waste

Order ingredients only when they are needed to stop unused products from being thrown out.
Stock reduction = Waste reduction

Third Party Integrations

IndiCater integrates with many 3rd party systems giving you unprecedented access to data and reporting about your catering business.

Supplier Ordering

Order online, receive immediate order confirmations from your suppliers and manage your invoices electronically. You can manage your GP at site level whilst enabling head office users to have overall visibility.

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We’re working with

pubs and pub groups across the UK

St Austell brewery partners with IndiCater
Wells & Co pub group partners with IndiCater
innventure use IndiCater for their pubs

Why choose us?

We have worked with individual pubs and pub groups for many years and understand the complexities of running a smooth operation from Front of House to Back of House.


Manage your Menus

IndiCater enables pubs sites to create recipes and menus with the option to control centrally or have chefs on site creating their recipes from approved catalogues. IndiCater gives you complete control, security and accountability.

Easily create printable menus from your recipes that contain allergen and calorie data, to help you be compliant with legislation.


EPOS Integration

IndiCater will integrate with your EPOS to capture sales per dish, you can enter wastage, stocktake info and also manage your supplier ordering, all of which can gives you itemised consumption data so you can review variances.

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track allergens from supplier to plate

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