9 March 2022

Speak Up For Allergies

FSA to extend campaign encouraging young people and restaurants to speak up for allergies.

The FSA is to launch the next phase of its Speak Up For Allergies campaign. The campaign will encourage young people to support friends with allergies when eating in restaurants and the important role front of house staff to provide allergen information effectively.

Food businesses have an important role in supporting diners with allergies, especially for young people who may find it hard to speak up about their allergies. How FOH staff respond to these requests is important in making customers feel comfortable and confident.

“Food allergies can be life threatening and affects millions of people across the UK. It is important that young people feel comfortable telling a food business about their allergy, and that the food business is receptive and understanding of them.”

“Food businesses can visit the FSA website where they can find free allergen training and a handy allergen checklist which they can use to support customers with food allergies.” 

Rebecca Sudworth, Director of Policy FSA

IndiCater has many built-in features to help businesses assist any diner with allergies:

  • Live allergen datasheets – automatically built from your recipes and ingredients.
  • Create allergen labels – for grab-and-go food
  • Create printable menus – with full allergens clearly displayed

All of these features add another layer of safety and peace of mind for your customers, and when used alongside the FSA’s Speak Up For Allergies campaign should drastically reduce the chance of accidental allergy issues arising.