4 March 2021

Supplier Integration

We are continuously working with our client’s current and new suppliers to offer them the option of providing a more integrated solution to save them admin time and provide a more efficient solution for our mutual customers.

Current suppliers’ integration with IndiCater include:

  • Bidfood
  • Brakes
  • Freshview
  • Alliance
  • Heineken
  • NCB
  • IDC
  • Matthew Clark

Supplier Integration overview

What are the key supplier touch points?

  • Sending IndiCater your catalogues and updating them when products and prices change
  • Receiving orders from customer’s outlets
  • Sending an order response to advise customer’s if the order has been confirmed or modified
  • Sending an ASN (advanced shipping notice)
  • Sending your invoices electronically

Manual processes

For suppliers without the ability to integrate, the following manual processes are available free of charge to suppliers i.e. no set up charge and no transaction charges:

  • CATALOGUES: a simple method to upload catalogues to the IndiCater portal. Once a catalogue is uploaded you can download it any time, make your changes, then upload it. Food and beverage suppliers should also complete the allergen column
  • ORDERS: All orders place by outlets for non-integrated suppliers will be transmitted by purchase order attached to an email
  • INVOICES: Access customers receipted deliveries (booked off orders) on the portal and manually convert each one to an invoice (we call this EDI Lite). There is an alternative line by line invoice upload option

Integration Services

For larger suppliers who wish to benefit from automating the above processes, IndiCater provide a chargeable full integration service for one or more of the following three key integrations:

  1. Catalogue transmission by XML to IndiCater FTP
  2. Order submission direct to a supplier using GS1 standard – this can include order responses and ASNs
  3. Transmission of invoices to IndiCater FTP using GS1 standard


There are many benefits of investing into an integration with IndiCater for one or more of the above services, such as:

  • Reduced manual labour in uploading catalogues
  • No telesales time re-imputing of orders into your own system
  • Reduction of errors when manually entering orders into your own system
  • Order response to customer’s outlets so they know if an order has been accepted, reducing calls to supplier support line
  • Replacement of paper invoices with electronic invoices saving supplier time
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Integration can be used for multiple mutual IndiCater customers

Integration Support

You will be designated a project manager who will work closely with your technical and project management team during the set up and testing of the integration through to sign off. On-going support for integrated suppliers is by support ticket and telephone during business hours Monday to Friday. An out of hours emergency contact is also available.


Once your integration is set up for the first mutual customer it becomes available to be activated for other customers we both trade with.