Support from our great team

Founded in 2000, operates independently with the support and considerable resources of the Volaris Group, a buy-and-hold acquirer of software businesses, who focus on the long term success of their companies.

Volaris Group is part of Constellation Software Inc, founded in 1995, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and is the 8th best software brand amongst the top ten most powerful technology companies in the world.

Flexible hybrid working

Our people enjoy a supportive environment, flexible hybrid working, no silos or micro-management, freedom to plan their days, a great work-life balance, with their own personal and professional development plans.

Doing Good in the world

We do good in lots of different ways. For example we help allergy sufferers stay healthy and others to cut food waste or be more sustainable.

Making a big difference

Everyone here is empowered with a lot of responsibility not often found in other companies like ours. We love to see the influence we have and the value we add.

Ruth Mills, Managing Director

Since 2013 I’ve partnered closely with clients, leading development projects and product enhancements like Menu Hub. My commitment to fostering strong client relationships and guiding our company into the future is unwavering. Supported by Volaris Group and sister companies, which are all part of Constellation Software Inc. my journey with began as a Client Account Manager, then Operations Director and in 2021 I stepped into the role of Managing Director. Prior to joining the company I contributed to projects at People 1st, promoting diversity in senior roles and delivering customer service training for the London Olympics.


Stuart Moore, Head of Sales and Marketing

I’m an experienced restauranteur and entrepreneurial professional, passionate about gaining a deep understanding of what you need, before building a partnership that creates long-term value. Then proactively delivering powerful and innovative solutions to drive business performance. Before becoming Head of Sales and Marketing in 2021, I gained a solid foundation in the hospitality industry with a 19-year career at Brakes, including roles like Category Sales Manager and National Account Manager. Prior to that, I managed restaurants at Bentalls and Masserellas, leveraging my Catering and Hotel Management studies.


Natalie Jobson, Mobilisation and Professional Services Manager

I guide new clients through onboarding, supplier integration and training, as well as managing projects and supporting existing clients. I take pride in fostering strong client relationships and implementing a comprehensive project plan to streamline the mobilisation process. I originally joined the company in 2017 as a Training Manager having been an Area Manager in Catering at G4S Facilities Management, where I oversaw Operations, Finance, and Training, utilising solutions.


Jamie Wright, Technical Lead

I’m committed to delivering innovative, client-centred solutions. I have led the transition to a multi-tenant system, establishing a CI/CD pipeline and empowered our company by shifting product development to an Agile approach to work, utilising DevOps best practices where appropriate. Most recently I migrated our platform to Azure, allowing IndiCater to grow automatically to meet client demand. On the client side, I’ve driven the development of our new modern API, SSO system, Menu Hub, Label Maker for Natasha’s Law compliance, and continue to modernise reporting. I have played a pivotal role in the platform modernisation ever since 2019, when I started as a Senior Developer.