1 August 2017

Helpful hints and tips from IndiCater

It’s a Thumbs Up! from IndiCater.  We are pleased to share with our users a selection of hidden software gems – helping to ensure that our customers get the most out of their IndiCater system.

Did you know?

IndiCater works hand in hand with EPoS.  Acting as the ‘master’, IndiCater can automatically update client tills with the latest selling prices, dish costs, and kitchen printer instructions.  It’s so easy!

Why not?

Simplify and streamline supplier ordering.  Within IndiCater, create a menu and add the estimated likely number of covers to be sold.  From here a supplier order can automatically be created and submitted.  Simple!

Are you working efficiently?

Take the stress out of creating multiple stock templates.  Select a set of stock sheets from one outlet stored on your IndiCater application and copy them across for all outlets to use within the group.

No Internet?

No access to wi-fi in your storage areas?  Download your stock sheets from your IndiCater application into Excel, take stock, then upload back into your application.  Time saving and accurate!